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Basildon Council's Publication Scheme - Information we publish

The Publication Scheme - a catalogue of information currently published and available to the general public.

Please check the publication scheme for the information you are after before making a formal Freedom of Information request

The Freedom of Information Act received Royal Assent in November 2000 and places a duty on local authorities to submit a publication scheme for approval by the Information Commissioner.

The Council's publication scheme has received approval from the Information Commissioner and sets out the classes of information which we currently publish or intend to publish, where it can be obtained from, in what format and whether there is a charge for the information.

The scheme is ever evolving and will be continually updated and amended to maintain its relevance.

Basildon Council Publication Scheme

Information currently available to the general public and published under the following categories:

Who we are and what we doFormatLink to information
ConstitutionElectronicPolitical Structure - Our Constitution and the way we work.
Council Political StructureElectronicPolitical Structure and Decision Making
Council meetings - minutes, agendas, reports and audio recordingsElectronicCouncil meetings - minutes, agendas, reports
Currently elected Councillors and their contact detailsElectronicDistrict councillors
Council Location DetailsElectronicContact Basildon Council
What's newElectronicDecision making - what's new
Forward plansElectronicForward plans
Election resultsElectronicView All Election Results
Ward names and informationElectronicPolitical Structure - Ward boundary map



What we spend and how we spendFormatLink to information
Medium Term Financial Strategy
The Council's Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) sets out how the overall financial objectives underpin the Council's Corporate Plan. The strategy includes a summary of the national financial context together with key financial principles affecting the General Fund, Housing Revenue Account and Capital budgets. The MTFS is approved by Cabinet each year as part of the budget setting process.

Treasury Management Strategy
Treasury management is a key element of the Council's overall financial management arrangements. It relates to the Council's borrowing and investment activities and the effective management of the associated risks. These activities are strictly regulated and Full Council must annually approve a strategy for the expected treasury management activity in the forthcoming financial year. The Treasury Management Strategy is published as a part of the annual Budget Report.
ElectronicFinancial Strategies and Regulations
Financial Auditors ReportElectronicPerformance
Annual Financial ReportsElectronicAnnual Financial Reports
Council BudgetsElectronicCouncil Budgets
Payments to Suppliers over £500ElectronicPayments to Suppliers over £500 - Current Financial Year 2018/19
Allowances paid under Member Allowance Scheme - Part 6 of the ConstitutionElectronicpdf icon Council Constitution Part 6 (Page 329) - Members' Allowances Scheme [1Mb]
Financial Regulations - Part 4 of the ConstitutionElectronicpdf icon Council Constitution Part 4.5 (Page 151) - Financial Regulations [1Mb]
Contract Procurement Rules - Part 5 of the Constitution (Codes and Protocols)Electronicpdf icon Basildon Council Constitution - Part 5 (Page 257) - Codes and Protocols [1Mb]
Local Land Charges Cost StatementElectronicpdf icon Local Land Charges Cost Statement - May 2018 [382kb]



What our priorities are and how we are doingFormatLink to information
Transforming Basildon - Corporate Plan 2017-2021Electronicpdf icon Transforming Basildon - Corporate Plan 2017-2021 [1Mb]
Local Development SchemeElectronicTimetable and Consultation Standards
Capital ProgrammeElectronicCouncil Budgets
Local Development Framework - Consultation IssuesElectronicLocal Plan Consultation Portal - Register or Login
Community Safety StrategyElectronicCommunity safety strategy
Economic Development StrategyElectronicpdf icon Economic Development Strategy [611kb]
Homelessness Strategy 2008 - 2013Electronicpdf icon Basildon Council - Homelessness Prevention Strategy 2014-2018 - Published June 2018 [1Mb]
Housing Strategy 2018-2023Electronicpdf icon Basildon Council - Housing Strategy 2018 - 2023 [10Mb]
Planning Services Annual Monitoring ReportsElectronicPlanning - Annual Monitoring
Basildon District Nature Conservation GuideElectronicpdf icon Basildon District Nature Conservation Guide 2005 [12Mb]
Customer CharterElectronicCustomer Services
Customer Charter - Operational servicesElectronicCustomer Services
Safer Basildon Community Partnership Strategy 2018 - 2021Electronicpdf icon Safer Basildon Partnership - Strategy 2018-2021 [542kb]
Basildon Borough Local PlanElectronicLocal Plan 2014 - 2034
Statement of Community InvolvementElectronicpdf icon Basildon Council - Statement of Community Involvement - July 2016 [4Mb]
Basildon Community Strategy 2012-2036Electronicpdf icon Basildon Community Strategy 2012-2036 [678kb]



How we make decisionsFormatLink to information
CommitteesElectronicBrowse committee meetings (all years)
Search Agendas. Reports, background papers and minutes of Council committees, sub-committeesElectronicSearch agendas. reports, background papers and minutes of Council committees and sub-committees
Timetable of Council MeetingsElectronicTimetable of Council Meetings



Our Policies and ProceduresFormatLink to information
Animal Welfare and LicensingElectronicLicence - Animals, Animal businesses
Animal Welfare Charter PolicyElectronicpdf icon Animal Welfare Charter [390kb]
Anti Money Laundering PolicyElectronicpdf icon Basildon Council - Anti Money Laundering Policy 2013 [184kb]
Anti-Social Behaviour PolicyElectronicpdf icon Basildon Council - Anti-social Behaviour Policy 2017-2020 [558kb]
Compliance with Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA)Electronicpdf icon Compliance with Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) - March 2018 [583kb]
Complaint ProceduresElectronicComments, Compliments and Complaints
Consultation Engagement PolicyElectronicpdf icon Consultation Engagement Policy [518kb]
Corporate Energy Management Policy - November 2017Electronicpdf icon Basildon Council - Corporate Energy Management Policy - November 2017 [1Mb]
Corporate Land  Inspection Policy - November 2016Electronicpdf icon Corporate Land Inspection Policy - November 2016 [717kb]
Data Protection PoliciesElectronicThe Data Protection Act
Disabled Facilities Grant PolicyElectronicpdf icon Disabled Facilities Grant Policy [1Mb]
Domestic Abuse PolicyElectronicpdf icon Basildon Council - Domestic Abuse Policy - April 2013 [217kb]
Equalities Impact AssessmentElectronicInclusion and Diversity - Service Impact Assessments
Food Complaint PolicyElectronicFood Safety - Report a Hygiene/Contamination Problem
Gambling PolicyElectronicpdf icon Basildon Council - Gambling Licensing Policy Statement - Nov 2016 [1Mb]
Health and SafetyElectronicHealth and Safety
Health and Wellbeing Policy 2018Electronicpdf icon Health and Wellbeing Policy 2018 [1Mb]
Housing Allocations SchemeElectronicHousing Allocations Scheme
Inclusion and Diversity Policy 2016-2020Electronicpdf icon Basildon Council - Inclusion and Diversity Policy 2016-2020 [414kb]
Information Management and Data Sharing PolicyElectronicpdf icon Information Management and Data Sharing Policy [571kb]
Licensing Act 2003 Statement of Licensing PolicyElectronicpdf icon Basildon Council - Statement of Licensing Policy - Jan 2014 [1Mb]
Local Government Service Pay BandsElectronicpdf icon Local Government and Senior Officer Salary Scales - April 2018 [94kb]
Minerals and Waste Development FrameworkElectronicMinerals and Waste Policy
Mobility Scooter PolicyElectronicpdf icon Basildon Council - Mobility Scooter Policy - March 2014 [85kb]
Pay PolicyElectronicpdf icon Basildon Council - Pay Policy [201kb]
Persistent and Unreasonable Complainant ProcedureElectronicpdf icon Persistent and Unreasonable Complainant Procedure [148kb]
Planning Access - Building ControlElectronice-Planning - search and view planning applications and appeals
Regulatory Services Enforcement PolicyElectronicpdf icon Regulatory Services Enforcement Policy [811kb]
Rent Arrears Prevention and Recovery PolicyElectronicpdf icon Basildon Council - Rent Arrears Prevention and Recovery Policy 2017-2020 - November 2017 [1Mb]
Risk Management Policy 2017Electronicpdf icon Risk Management Policy 2017 [832kb]
Safeguarding Policy 2017Electronicpdf icon Basildon Council - Safeguarding Policy - February 2017 [637kb]
Scrap Metal Dealers Licensing PolicyElectronicpdf icon Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 - Statement of Licensing Policy [338kb]
Sex Establishment Licensing PolicyElectronicpdf icon Sex Establishment Licensing Policy - February 2015 [661kb]
Strengthening Communities PolicyElectronicpdf icon Strengthening Communities Policy [391kb]
Tenancy PolicyElectronicChanges to tenancies - new Tenancy Policy and Strategy
Whistle Blowing PolicyElectronicWhistleblowing Policy



Lists and registersFormatLink to information
Commercial Property Register to be confirmed
Electoral Register Please telephone 01268 207959, by appointment only. Preferable viewing times are 10 - 12 am and 1400 - 1630 pm.
Greenhouse Gas EmissionsElectronicpdf icon Basildon Council Greenhouse Gas Emissions [19kb]
Home Energy Conservation - Further Report 2013Electronicpdf icon Basildon Council - Home Energy Conservation - Further Report 2013 [372kb]
Planning register to be confirmed
Persons deceased without leaving a will, spouse, civil partner or entitled relativesElectronicpdf icon Persons deceased leaving no known relatives [17kb]
Public Rights of WayElectronicPublic rights of way enforcement
Register of Disclosures by Members Please telephone 01268 207949, by appointment only. Preferable viewing times are 10 - 12 am and 1400 - 1630 pm.
Register of Gifts and Hospitality for Council Members Please telephone 01268 207949, viewing by appointment only. Preferable viewing times are 10 - 12 am and 1400 - 1630 pm.
Register of Gifts and Hospitality for Council Officers  Please telephone 01268 207948, viewing by appointment only. Preferable viewing times are 10.00am - 12noon and 2.00pm - 4.30 pm
Register of Members Interest Please telephone 01268 207959, viewing by appointment only. Preferable viewing times are 10 - 12 am and 1400 - 1630 pm.
Register of Premises Licences to be confirmed
Register of Personal Licences to be confirmed
Residential Land Availability to be confirmed
Taxis Licences - Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicles to be confirmed
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