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Annual Financial Reports

At the end of each financial year the Council is required to produce an Annual Financial Report (formerly referred to as the Statement of Accounts).

The financial statements must be produced in accordance with the requirements of the CIPFA/LASAAC 'Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting in the United Kingdom' published by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy.

The Annual Financial Report gives a clear, objective and balanced assessment of the Council's performance in the last financial year and includes major influences on the Council's finances for the year in question and the future.

In addition a summary of accounts is produced each year giving an overview of spending on different services.

Published accounts by year


Public Notice: the public inspection period has not been commenced.

Find out more: Notice That The Public Inspection Period Has Not Been Commenced - Accounts for Year Ended 31 March 2022

The Council has been unable to commence the public inspection period of this set of accounts by the statutory date of 1 August 2022 as the 2020/21 Statement of Accounts are still subject to external audit. The Section 151 Officer is therefore unable to certify at this stage that the 2021/22 accounts show a true and fair view. All reasonable endeavours will be made to publish the draft Statement of Accounts for inspection at the earliest possible date. In the meantime, an early draft of the 2021/22 Statement of Accounts has been published but this is not currently open for inspection and may be updated before publication for inspection.


Public Notice: the audit of the accounts of Basildon Borough Council for the year ended 31 March 2021 is still in progress.

Find out more: Public Notice - Notice of audit still in progress 2020/21










Please note: The following Annual Financial Report contains information that in previous years was published under the title "Statement of Accounts", in addition it now includes the Annual Governance Statement which must be published with the Statement of Accounts.