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Local history and heritage


It did not take long for the Basildon Development Corporation to begin building. 

Building Site
 In 1950 the first industrial area was started and in 1951 the first New Town residents set up home in Redgrave Road. This was the same year as approval of the very first Master Plan for Basildon which predicted a total population of 80,000.

The Master Plan, published in 1977 set the proposed population at 130,000. In the early years the development of houses, shops, factories, community and recreation facilities, and schools went at a pace. The first junior and infant school at Swan Mead was completed in 1954 and one year later the Council changed its name from Billericay to Basildon Urban District Council, emphasising the increasing influence of the New Town.

It was the Council's responsibility to work with the Basildon Development Corporation to help build the community spirit of the New Town.

This was achieved through Community and Tenants' Associations as well as providing, in its own right, housing and the sporting and recreation facilities enjoyed by so many today.

Ariel view of Barstable / Fryerns

The site of the Barstable neighbourhood with the Fryerns neighbourhood taking shape in the background - March 1954

Fryerns Housing

Fryerns - A typical early housing development