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War Memorials In Basildon Borough

There are 12 War Memorials in Basildon Borough commemorating the sacrifices made by those who did not live to see the freedom we enjoy today.

War Memorials serve as a physical reminder of the sacrifice of those who fought for their country in conflicts throughout history.

Basildon Council has produced a booklet is designed to raise awareness of different memorial sites which provide a link to the past and a method of remembrance in the Basildon Borough.

The booklet provides a guide to the borough's war memorials including locations, photographs, the design and materials used and information on who initiated and funded them.

"Remembering those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom and providing loved ones with somewhere they can pay tribute to the fallen is not just important in the present.

We must continue to preserve these sites for future generations so they too can learn about the darkest of times in our history and the sacrifices made by those who did not live to see the freedom we enjoy today."

Councillor Kevin Blake - Deputy Leader and cabinet member for leisure and arts, Basildon Borough Council 2014.

War Memorials In Basildon Borough Booklet

In addition to those mentioned in our booklet, there are many more Memorials around the Borough from both World Wars to be found in Churches as Rolls of Honours, Plaques and Memorial stones either inside the Churches, on the outside walls or in the grave yards.

There are also Memorial Halls around the Borough which were built as memorials to the local fallen, these were an alternative to stone memorials as they could be used by the community to make friends and to hold celebrations. Plaques and names can usually be found within the Memorial Hall buildings.

The whole of Wickford Memorial Park is a memorial, one of a few around the country designed as a living memorial for all to enjoy and remember.

The War Memorial at Ramsden Heath does cover the Ramsden Bellhouse area as well. Bellhouse being in the Borough of Basildon, but the memorial location is in the Chelmsford City Council area.