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Adopted Local Plan

Development Plan is the term used to describe the group of planning documents prepared by Basildon Borough Council and Essex County Council from which development proposals for the use of land and buildings, mineral deposits and waste sites are controlled throughout the Basildon Borough. The Development Plan in the Basildon Borough consists of:

Basildon District Local Plan Saved Policies 2007

Approved by the Secretary of State via a Direction issued on 20 September 2007. Originally they were part of the Basildon District Local Plan, adopted in March 1998 with Alterations in September 1999.

The Saved Policies represent the local planning policies currently applied by the Council to inform the determination of planning applications in the Borough and enforce planning control. The Saved Policies have been reviewed against the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) published in July 2018 to assess the level of compliance each policy has with the NPPF and the findings are set out with the Compliance Review of the Saved 1998 Local Plan Policies with the Revised National Planning Policy Framework report. These findings should be taken into consideration when determining planning applications.

Downloadable Documents

1998 Proposals Maps

IMPORTANT Please note - care should be taken when using the following Proposals Maps and Inset Maps, as some policies and their corresponding land allocations or designations may no longer apply. Please always read in conjunction with the Basildon District Local Plan Saved Policies document.

Conservation Area Boundary Changes 2013

As a result of changes approved by the Council in December 2012 - see Basildon Council - 13 December Cabinet - Agenda and minutes, the boundaries of Billericay and Great Burstead Conservation Area are different to those displayed on the 1998 Proposals Map for Conservation Areas above.

Supplementary Planning Documents or Guidance (SPD/SPG)

Planning Obligations Strategy SPD 2015

Billericay Conservation Area  Shop Front and Design Guide SPD 2015

Use of Local Labour and Apprenticeships 2013

Local Labour and Apprenticeship Schemes - Guidance for Major Developments: Icon for pdf Employment and Training - the use of Local Labour and Apprenticeship Schemes [48.33KB]

Basildon Town Centre Masterplan 2012

Conservation Areas

Conservation areas in Basildon Borough and their respective area management plans can be viewed by following the link: Conservation areas

Parking Standards 2009

Pitsea Town Centre Masterplan 2007

Wickford Town Centre Masterplan 2006

Development Control Guidelines 1997

Gardiners Lane South 2003

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