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Planning Applications Map Archive 1948 - 2002

Basildon Council holds an archive of maps that are marked with the recorded serial number of every planning application received by the Council's Planning Services between 1948 and 2002.

There are over 900 maps in the archive. Each map contains a representation of an area of the Basildon Borough and there are usually several different maps for any particular area of the Borough.

These maps are particularly useful for those who want to search for records of Planning Applications submitted for a particular piece of land between 1948 and 2002 and not recorded on the Council's computer systems.

Details of Planning Applications received since 2008 can be viewed online using Basildon Council's e-Planning System

How to use the Planning map archive: 1948-2002

The following image shows a map of the entire Basildon Borough divided into a rectangular grid pattern. Each rectangle in the grid is marked with a 4 digit number, sometimes preceded by the letters "TQ".

Click the grid rectangle you are interested in, to view a list of Planning Application archive maps relating to that area. Maps are named and listed according to the grid number they represent. Each map in the list is marked with the serial numbers of Planning Applications received by Basildon Council sometime during the period 1948-2002.

Please note: We advise users to also check the map lists of all adjacent grid areas, as maps for adjacent areas may well cross borders into the grid area a user is principally interested in. Where this is the case the map name will contain the 4 digit grid number to which the map mostly refers, as well as the 4 digit grid number of any adjacent grid rectangle to which a portion of that map refers, e.g., TQ6687NE-SE-6787NW-SW is a map showing areas within both grid rectangle TQ6687 and grid rectangle TQ6787.

To find out more about a Planning Application traced using the Map Archive

Copies of documents relating to planning applications traced using the following Map Archive can be requested for a fee by emailing: (opens new window).

Alternatively documents can be examined free of charge by appointment at the council's town centre offices at The Basildon Centre, St. Martin's Square, Basildon SS14 1DL. Viewing appointments can be arranged by emailing: (opens new window).

Click the grid rectangle you are interested in to view a list of archive maps relating to that area.