Basildon Council holds an archive of maps that are marked with the recorded serial number of every planning application received by the Council's Planning Services between 1948 and 2002.

There are over 900 maps in the archive. Each map contains a representation of an area of the Basildon Borough and there are usually several different maps for any particular area of the Borough.

These maps are particularly useful for those who want to search for records of Planning Applications submitted for a particular piece of land between 1948 and 2002 and not recorded on the Council's computer systems.

Details of Planning Applications received since 2000 can be viewed online using Basildon Council's e-Planning System

How to use this list

This list is best used in conjunction with the Planning Applications Map Archive - Index Map, see Planning Applications Map Archive 1948 - 2002

To find out more about a Planning Application traced using the Map Archive

Further details of Planning Applications traced using the maps in this list can be examined free-of-charge in main reception area of Basildon Council's town centre offices

Maps listed by Index Map Grid Number.