When a licensed premises transfers from one owner to another, it is the responsibility of the new owner to ensure that they have the correct licence.

If you are the new owner, you need to transfer the existing licence into your name.

You will also need to vary the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS), if the DPS is changing.

The forms to make an application to transfer a premises licence are only available from the GOV.UK website which gives guidance on the application procedure including  payment of application fees.

You can complete the whole application process online from the GOV.UK website, see the following links to application forms and guidance...


  • There is an application fee of £23.00 payable when the application is submitted

Once we receive your application we will:

  • Acknowledge it within three working days
  • Contact you to confirm that we have transferred the licence

Additional information you must supply with of your licence transfer application

When you submit your application, you also need to include:

  • the original premises licence with your application
  • a signed consent form from the existing licence holder
  • the application fee of £23.00

The advantages of online applications

If you complete the whole application process online from the GOV.UK website. This will include:

  • submission of your application form
  • submission of electronic copies of additional information you must supply
  • payment of application fees
  • Notification of your application to Essex Police and the Home Office.

Postal applications

If you prefer to submit a postal application you can send your completed application form, along with the additional information needed to:

The Licensing Authority
Basildon Council
The Basildon Centre
St. Martin's Square
Basildon, Essex
SS14 1DL

PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to submit your application by post then you MUST also: