If your premises are in Basildon Borough, you will need a premises licence from Basildon Council if you intend to sell alcohol or provide 'licensable activities' from that premises.

Licensable activities include:

  • selling alcohol
  • serving hot food and drinks between 11pm and 5am
  • providing regulated entertainment

You still need a licence even if the activities are for charity.

For further information and guidance see GOV.UK - Premises licence (England and Wales).

Application forms

Premises Licence application forms are only available from the GOV.UK website which also gives full guidance on the application procedure including additional information you must supply and payment of application fees.

You can complete the whole application process online from the GOV.UK website, see the following link to application forms and guidance...

PLEASE NOTE: Separate to submitting their premises application forms, applicants MUST remember to advertise their premises application in the local press and on their premises as explained in our guidance notes, see Icon for pdf Advertising an application for a premises licence [87.64KB].

Once we receive your application we will:

  • Acknowledge it within three working days
  • Hold a consultation for 28 days, allowing for representations

If we receive any representations, we will take the application to the Licensing Act 2003 Sub-Committee for councillors to consider.  We will then notify you of their decision.

If we do not receive any representations, we will grant the licence.

If we grant your licence, it will be valid unless you surrender it or we revoke it.  Although you do not need to renew your licence each year, you will need to pay an annual fee.  You will need to pay the fee on the same date as when we granted your licence.

Additional information you must supply with of your premises licence application

When you submit your application, you also need to include:

  • a detailed plan of the premises, see Icon for pdf Plans Guidance [73.84KB]
  • an operating schedule, e.g. hours when alcohol will be sold
  • Give details of your Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS)

The advantages of online applications

If you complete the whole application process online from the GOV.UK website. This will include:

  • submission of your application form
  • submission of electronic copies of additional information you must supply
  • payment of application fees ( from £100 to £1,905 depending on the rateable value of the premises, with certain exemptions)
  • Notification of your application to all responsible authorities, as required by the licensing regulations

Postal applications

If you prefer to submit a postal application you can send your completed application form, along with the additional information needed to:

The Licensing Authority
Basildon Council
The Basildon Centre
St. Martin's Square
Basildon, Essex
SS14 1DL

PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to submit your application by post then you MUST also:

Application fees

The application fee depends on the rateable value of your premises. For more information see:

You will not need to pay a fee if you will not be selling alcohol or providing late night refreshment and the premises is:

  • An educational institution
  • A church hall, chapel hall or similar building
  • A village hall, parish hall or similar building

If we do not grant your licence, we will not refund your fee.

Fines and Penalties

Police or council officers can ask to inspect your premises licence at any time.

If you fail to produce your licence on request, you could receive a fine of up to £1,000.

If you carry out licensable activities at your premises without a premises licence, you could receive a:

  • Fine
  • Prison sentence of up to six months
  • Fine and a prison sentence