We are committed to building strong working partnerships with public, private and third sector organisations in order to maximise collaboration and stimulate financial savings.

Image of the Basildon for Business Brand Logo
Basildon Council works collaboratively with commercial partners and clients who share our ambitions and values, whilst continuing to put the best interests of the borough's residents at the heart of everything we do.

The following partnerships are already well established and performing well.

Commercial Partner and Client - Brentwood Borough Council
Basildon and Brentwood Council partnered together in order to deliver quality Revenues and Benefits Services in a Nationally recognised partnership agreement that is set to continue growing in the future.
Commercial Partner and Client - Castle Point Borough Council
Basildon Borough Council partnered with Castle Point Borough Council to support its Planning Services, contributing to the generation of ongoing income for Basildon and sharing our expertise.
Commercial Partner and Client - Citizens Advice and Jobcentre Plus
Citizens Advice and Jobcentre Plus are another two partner bodies who are pivotal members of the Community Hub, they each command a customer presence in order to deliver essential services to residents.
Commercial Partner and Client - Department of Work and Pensions
Representing the largest DWP co-location in the UK, this partnership delivers services directly to residents within a single Community Hub. The Council generates an income from this successful partnership which has received National and Royal recognition.
Commercial Partner and Client - DTZ Investors
The Council have procured the services of Asset Investment specialists DTZ Investors, in order to support with the delivery of the Commercial Asset Acquisition Strategy and the investment of £80m in commercial assets across the UK.
Commercial Partner and Client - Rochford District Council
Basildon Council used a Section 101 Agreement to deliver the Audit Services of Rochford Council in order to generate a new income stream.
Commercial Partner and Client - Sempra Homes
The Council established Sempra Homes as a commercial arm dedicated to the construction of affordable rent, shared equity and private sale homes.