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Risk Management Policy and Strategy

Basildon Council recognises the importance of identifying, evaluating and managing all key strategic and operational risks that could affect the Council or the community.

Basildon Council faces a number of significant uncertainties i.e. risks that may affect its ability to achieve strategic and operational objectives.  The Council manages such risks by adopting robust risk management processes in a planned and systematic way.  Key risks are identified, evaluated and managed so as to make the most of potential opportunities and to minimise threats for the Council and its communities.

All of us, Members and Officers alike, have a role to play in ensuring key risks are reviewed regularly and that related actions remain valid and effective at all times.  This includes management of key risks at all levels (corporate, service and partnership) and across all service areas, such as Finance, Customer Services and Regeneration.

The Risk Policy comprises the Council's vision and approach towards risk management, setting out what we want to achieve and why, in a 'risk aware' rather than a 'risk averse' way.  It is accompanied by a Strategy that details the related course of action to achieve key outcomes.

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