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Advice for Residents

Even in times of relative stability there is a need to plan for the unexpected and unpredictable events that may touch our lives at any time and in a number of ways.

These events can be triggered by a variety of influences including weather, accidents and terrorism to name a few. Guidelines for dealing with possible emergency situations has been produced to provide basic information to help residents prepare for a major incident or accident, and help keep you, your family and property safe.

You should take time to find out or plan the following.

  • Where and how to turn off water, gas and electric supplies into your home.
  • The emergency procedures for your workplace and for your children at school.
  • How your family will stay in contact in the event of an emergency.
    - Plan a place to meet in the event of an incident.
    - Ask a friend outside of the town to be a checkpoint that all members can contact to say they are safe.
  • Remember if you have any elderly or vulnerable neighbours that they might need your help.
  • Know how to tune in to your local radio
  • Put together an Emergency Supply Kit
  • Be aware of severe weather warnings.