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In the event of flood risk conditions developing warnings will be issued by the following:

Meteorological Office (opens new window)

GOV.UK - Environment Agency (opens new window).

Responsibility for flood protection

In the event of flooding you are obliged to protect your own property, it is not the responsibility of Basildon Council.

Local Councils do not have a legal obligation to store and provide the public with flood protection products including sandbags.

If your property is susceptible to flooding you should be prepared to protect your property using a variety of flood protection products. Advice and guidance can be found at the GOV.UK - Environment Agency (opens new window) and The National Flood Forum (opens new window).

Make a Flood Plan

Plan in advance what you will do if your property floods, see

You will also find the following information useful in keeping you, your family and property safe in a time of flood.

Before the flood.

  • Move valuable items and documents to higher levels.
  • Bring items inside that may be damaged or cause damage.
  • Ensure you have a supply of bottled water in case water supplies become contaminated.
  • Consider having sandbags or other methods to block doorways and airbricks.

During the flood.

  • Do not try to drive through floodwater, avoid driving if possible.
  • Avoid walking through floodwater.
  • If you have to evacuate turn off utilities before you leave.

After the flood.

  • Assume floodwater has been contaminated with sewerage.
  • Do not let children play in floodwater.
  • Do not use food that has come into contact with floodwater.
  • Drink bottled water until assured that water supply is free from contamination.
  • See   Recovering from an emergency  for further details.

Further advice and information