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If you need to log an emergency repair to a council property, please call 0800 011 3241.

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The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 placed new responsibilities for emergency planning on all local authorities within England, Scotland and Wales.

Basildon Borough Council now has an important role to play in the event of an emergency occurring within the Borough. The Council also has a role in giving advice to businesses regarding Business Continuity.

Basildon Council's Emergency Planning Service works with the frontline emergency services and all the other local authorities in Essex, to ensure that we are prepared to respond and assist the communities we serve in time of need.

The Emergency Plan - How Basildon Council will manage its response to emergencies

Basildon Council has a Corporate Emergency Plan which has been produced to assist officers of the Council to manage the response to emergencies that may occur within the Borough. It does not provide detailed guidance for every type of event, but sets out the framework for integrated emergency management.

front cover image - How to plan for an emergency booklet
Would you know what to do in an emergency?

Emergencies are rare but when they do happen they can be devastating.  A little preparation now could make a BIG difference in the future.

RISKS: Ice or heavy snow - Flooding - Fire - Environmental - Industrial and Environmental - Storm and gales - Fog - Heatwave or drought - Business disruption - Structural hazards - Terrorism - Human and animal health - International events - Transport accidents...

What can you do now?

Register for the Warn and Inform Scheme - Warn and Inform Scheme (Sign up Now)

Plan Today - Be Prepared for Tomorrow
Basildon residents can now join a new scheme aimed at improving the way the public are informed about local emergency incidents such as Fires, Road Traffic Collisions etc., that might affect the area where they live, or require them to temporarily leave their homes. Find out more about the Warn and Inform Scheme...

Who to call in an emergency

Domestic abuse

  • Helplines and support
  • Changing Pathways - Basildon Refuge - 01268 581591
  • Social Services - 01245 434083 


Responsibility for dealing with flooding depends upon the cause and nature of the problem. If your property is either flooding or is at immediate risk of flooding then call Essex Fire and Rescue Service using 999, but be aware that if there is no obvious risk to life, your call may not be prioritised and attendance by the Fire Service may be delayed - however they will attend.


Council Housing Repairs