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Advice for Residents - Evacuation

What to do if you are told to evacuate your home or workplace.

Evacuation is generally only considered as a last resort, but is more common than many people think. Evacuation may last a relative short period of time or be of a longer duration; during this time you will have no access to your home or workplace.

If told to evacuate,

Follow instructions from the emergency services.
  • Do not enter restricted areas or closed roads.
  • Check neighbours to ensure they know what is happening, or to see if they need help.
  • Gather family members and prepare to leave your home.
  • Get pets ready for evacuation.
  • Take any prescribed medicines with you.
  • Know how to turn off electricity, gas and water supplies.
  • Close and lock doors and windows.
  • Don't return home unless told you can.

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