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If you need to log an emergency repair to a council property, please call 0800 011 3241.

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Book a Special Collection

Basildon Council operates a special collections service for the disposal of large household items and electrical household goods. Residents are encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle these goods before considering disposal.

Don't risk a fine - follow this simple guidance

Please ensure that all items you have booked for a special collection are placed at your recycling collection point by 07:30am on the morning of the arranged collection date and not the day or night before .

Items placed outside the boundary of your property (ie; obstructing the pavement) or without an arranged collection time will be considered as fly tipped, which is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and could result in you being issued with a £200 penalty fine.

The Special Collections Service

The special collections service is offered to residents at a low cost to enable safe and responsible disposal of large household items and household electrical goods. We collect a maximum of ten items at one time and we require a minimum of 48 hours to process each booking.

We charge £11 for the collection of up to five items.

We charge £22 for the collection of six to ten items.

Items Collected

Please leave items to be collected at your normal collection point (where you place your black and pink sacks) by 7.30 am, on the date of your collection.

Items left at a location other than your normal collection point (i.e. back garden or garage) or not available for collection from 7.30am on the day of collection, will not be collected and no refund will be given.

Items acceptedItems not accepted

We collect large household goods such as sofas, wardrobes, tables and chairs. We also collect electrical household appliances including cookers, fridges, freezers, and TV's.

See the full list of items collected here

Please note that items such as bed frames, mattresses, chairs and carpet rolls are classed as individual items and will need to be booked separately for collection.

We do not collect bathroom suites, fitted kitchens, building waste, paint, Internal/External doors or central heating systems.

To find out if your unwanted items are accepted at recycling centres in Essex please visit  Love Essex or call them on 0845 603 7625.

If you consider any of the items to pose a health or safety hazard and will need to be handled with care please let us know in detail. Such hazards include heavy or dangerous items that will likely require more than two crew members to remove.

Book a Special Collection

Terms and Conditions

  • Price: £11 for up to five items and £22 for six to ten items
  • We accept a maximum of up to ten items per collection
  • Payments must be made using a debit or credit card using our secure payment service
  • There is no surcharge for Debit or Credit Card transactions.
  • Special collections are subject to availability. We endeavour to collect on your next collection day but this might not always be possible.
  • Large items left outside your property which are not booked in as special collections will not be collected.
  • Special collections are only accepted from residential property addresses within the borough.
  • If you are looking to dispose of very large or potentially dangerous items, please indicate this on the form when making your booking so that we can ensure the appropriate equipment and staff are in place.

Refunds cannot be issued once a booking has been made.

How to make amendments to your special collection request.

If you wish to you can make an amendment to you special collection request after you have completed your booking, which includes rescheduling your collection date or editing your list of items to be collected this can be done up to two days before your booked collection date.

Any attempts to make amendments within 2 working days of your original scheduled collection date will be declined and no refund will be given.

If you wish to amend your booking and there are two working days before your scheduled collection, then you will need to contact our Customer Service Centre.

Booking an Assisted Collection

Please be advised that assistance on a Special Collection is available if you have previously registered for an Assisted Collection. The items booked on your special collection will be collected from your designated collection point.
If you would like to discuss your circumstances to see if you are eligible for an Assisted Collection please call our Customer Service Centre.

If you make use of other waste disposal methods please note:

People or businesses who transport, buy, sell or dispose of waste must be registered. Check registration of waste carriers, brokers and dealers here

Choose to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Lighthouse Furniture Project Ltd.

Lighthouse Furniture Project Ltd. are a not for profit charity providing low cost furniture to help people on low incomes. You too can help by donating your reusable furniture.

 Do it Online - Book a free Lighthouse Furniture collection

Special collections - items collected

A full list of items accepted for collection through our special collections service.