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Domestic Abuse - The Sanctuary Project

Helping to make it possible for victims of domestic abuse to remain in their own home and feel safe.

Basildon Domestic Abuse Panel - Sanctuary Project
Many victims of domestic violence are reluctant to move home and away from the area where they have networks of support. To move often means that their children have to change schools and leave their friends.

The Sanctuary Project aims to make it possible for victims to remain in their own home and feel safe.  The scheme adapts the home of the victim to accommodate physical security measures that help the family to feel safe.

Sanctuary and Sanctuary 'Plus' schemes

The project offers two schemes: Sanctuary and Sanctuary 'Plus' - or a combination of both.

The Sanctuary scheme

The Sanctuary scheme will provide additional external security measures, such as locks on windows, additional locks on external doors or replacement external doors.

The Sanctuary 'Plus' scheme

The Sanctuary 'Plus' scheme involves the creation of a 'safe' room within a person's home.

The internal door of this room is replaced with a solid core door which is reversed to open outwards, so that the door jamb acts as an additional barrier. Two locks are fitted to the top and bottom of the door as well as steel hinges and hinge bolts. A 180ยบ door viewer enables the occupants to see who is outside the room. Fire precaution equipment is also provided. This 'safe' room will provide sanctuary for victims while they call or wait for the police to arrive.

Domestic Abuse Careline Alarm

Both Sanctuary schemes can also be used in conjunction with a Domestic Violence Careline Alarm.

Who is eligible for the Sanctuary project?

Anyone who is at risk of homelessness due to domestic violence.

You may not be eligible if the perpetrator of domestic violence is living in your property, or has a legal right to live in your property. If this is the case we strongly advise you to contact the Council's Housing Solutions Team on 01268 533333 for further advice.

Referrals to the Sanctuary project

If you are interested in the Sanctuary project, you need to contact one of the following:-

You will be invited to an interview to discuss whether the Sanctuary Project is a suitable option for you. If the scheme is suitable for you, a referral form will be completed.

The Police Crime Reduction Officer will make an appointment with you to arrange access to your property to see if the fabric of the building is suitable for the security measures to be installed.

A referral will also be made to Basildon Women's Aid Outreach Support Service, if appropriate, to provide you and/or your family support during this process.