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Domestic Abuse

The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme, more widely known as Clare's Law, allows the public to request information about someone they suspect may be at risk of being violent towards a partner.  For further information or to apply for a disclosure, visit Essex Police website.

COVID-19 - The J9 initiative has had to be temporarily suspended because the council's town centre offices in The Basildon Centre, in St Martins Square are now closed until further notice, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

J9J9 is an initiative to raise awareness and to help victims of domestic abuse. The J9 Domestic Abuse initiative is named in memory of Janine Mundy who was killed by her estranged husband in June 2003 while he was on police bail. Janine was the mother of two young boys. The initiative was started by her family and the local police in Cambourne, Cornwall, where she lived.  Janine used to sign her text messages J9, hence the name of this initiative.

The Basildon Centre is a J9 reporting centre and displays the logo below. Victims of domestic abuse can attend the Basildon Centre and say "J9" to a member of staff - this code word will ensure that support and advice regarding an abusive relationship is offered.

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