Download our brand new phone app for Basildon residents. Quickly check your recycling collection days. Order a special collection. Order more sacks and replacement containers. Report cleansing and other issues affecting your street.

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The Our Streets phone app has been developed in partnership with the University of Essex especially for the benefit of residents right across Basildon borough. It really is a great new way to get recycling information, request services and report problems while you're on the go. See it in action on the accompanying video.

What Our Streets Basildon will do for you

  • A simple screen swipe will show your next rubbish and recycling collection dates (up to 2 weeks in advance)
  • Find out what goes in which bin with an easy to use search option
  • Request a special collection
  • Request replacement recycling containers
  • Report cleansing and other issues affecting your street
  • Get the answers to the questions people ask most about rubbish and recycling.

FREE to download now - Our Streets Basildon

The Our Streets Basildon app is now available for Android devices. Download for free from Google Play Store:

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Good news: The Our Streets Basildon app will soon to be available for Apple iPhones.


If you are already using Our Streets Basildon - Report any problems or tell us what you think

Whatever you tell us can be used to help us develop a more personalised service with additional features .

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