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Disability Reduction - Council Tax Discount/Exemption

You may be entitled to a council tax disability reduction if your property has facilities that are essential to the quality of life for disabled people living there.

What discount is available?

If your property is eligible, your valuation band will be lowered. For example, if the property is in Band E, after a disability reduction, your property will pay lower Band D rates instead.

If the property is already in Band A, the lowest band, your bill will be reduced by one ninth.

Am I eligible for a council tax disability reduction?

Your property may be eligible for a council tax reduction if it features additional features that are essential or a major importance for a disabled person living there, including children.

Essential features are:

  • Any additional space indoors for a wheelchair user
  • A second kitchen or bathroom created specifically for meeting the needs of a disabled resident (excluding a second bathroom)
  • Any other rooms (excluding kitchen, bathrooms or toilets) used primarily for the needs of a disabled resident. For example, a treatment or therapy room or a storage room for equipment and medication.

Apply for a council tax disability reduction 

Click here to apply for a disability reduction. Please note you will need to select "disabled persons" under section 3 of the form. 

Are you using e-Services yet?

The easiest way to apply for a disability reduction is via e-Services, a free online portal to help you manage your council tax account. Use your secure online account to upload supporting evidence and track your application for disability reduction as it progresses.

 Login or register for e-Services with your phone/computer here

Please be advised; failure to notify us of a change in your circumstances within 21 days, or applying for a discount or exemption you are not entitled to, will result in a penalty of up to £280 being issued.