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The Good Employer Charter Scheme

The Good Employer Charter sets out to maintain and support a network of Good Employers across Basildon borough, those who do business responsibly, so enabling both employers and employees to benefit as the economy grows.

Graphic: Basildon Good Employer Charter - Gold accreditation badge
Strengthening our local economy requires collective commitment. Businesses and employers play an important role in creating a local economy that not only attracts investors but opens up opportunities for further growth. The Good Employer Charter aims to become a testament to the strengths of Basildon's economy by showcasing local businesses' commitment to their employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and the local communities.

Good Employer Charter Scheme membership is FREE

Membership is FREE. A Gold, Silver or Bronze accreditation will bring your business the following advantages:

  • Official recognition as a good local employer, with a Good Employer Charter marketing pack including assets for company websites, social media, email signatures etc.
  • A boost to your business brand profile through networking events, publicity and promotion of the Basildon Good Employer Network and its members
  • Improved access to local contacts, suppliers, other local businesses and their opportunities
  • Support and advice to grow your business in a sustainable way by adopting responsible business practices and sharing knowledge with peer employers in Basildon.

Further information on membership eligibility, how to sign up and how your business will benefit can be found on the pages below.

Application form

The Good Employer Charter - Apply for membership and accreditation