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The Good Employer Charter - An overview

The Good Employer Charter is an accreditation scheme from Basildon Council which supports a network of responsible local businesses.

Our Mission

Graphic: Basildon Good Employer Charter - Gold accreditation badge
The Good Employer Charter mission is to build a network of Good Employers from right across the borough, that do business responsibly, and with the objective of enabling both employers and employees to benefit as the economy grows. The Charter will support the success of the local economy by promoting and encouraging:

  • the use of local supply chains,
  • the creation of local job opportunities
  • that employees are paid a fair wage
  • attention to staff wellbeing and development
  • best practice in equality and diversity
  • environmental sustainability.

An overview

Strengthening our local economy requires collective commitment. Businesses and employers play an important role in creating a local economy that not only attracts investors but opens up opportunities for further growth. The Charter aims to become a testament to the strengths of Basildon's economy by showcasing local businesses' commitment to their employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and the local communities.

Basildon has a strong economy, however, over recent years it has seen a reduction in productivity levels; this is evident in the reduction in workplace earnings with 3% since 2013 to be compared with the UK average rise of 9%. This reduction in pay has had a negative effect, increasing the polarisation of communities and resulting in low Wellness and Happiness scores (ONS Wellbeing Statistics 2018). Basildon is in bottom 10 places out of 356 in the UK for Wellness and Happiness scores and has seen a marked reduction in the last 5 years.

In line with the success in delivering similar schemes by other authorities and considering the implications of the current global pandemic, Basildon Council will focus the Good Employer Charter's standard on the following areas:

  • Wages
  • Investment in training and HR Practices
  • Procurement and supply chains
  • Community Engagement.

Further information and enquiries

For further information and enquiries please contact the council's Economic Development Team - 

The Economic Development Team