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Corporate Plan 2024-28

This Corporate Plan is the principal corporate strategy of Basildon Borough Council. It recognises our primary role in delivering good quality local government services in the borough. It sets out our ambitions for the borough in three strategic themes, and underpins them with a fourth ambition, to ensure our organisation is fit for purpose. It details the outcomes we wish to achieve, the actions we will take to deliver them and how we will resource the necessary activity.

It covers the full range of the council's responsibilities and priorities and is an important tool to help focus our effort and resources on the right things.

Our three Corporate Plan ambitions

Our three Corporate Plan ambitions, the strategic themes for our work, are defined as follows:


We want Basildon to be home to healthy and active local communities able to support themselves and each other.


We want Basildon to offer a high quality of life for all residents through attractive, liveable, accessible and safe neighbourhoods and towns along with the provision of enduring facilities, green spaces and town centres that meet the needs of the community.


We want Basildon to have a thriving, dynamic and diverse economy where all our communities benefit from increased opportunity and our workforce has the right skills for our local economy and beyond.

Further information and enquiries

For further information and enquiries please email our Strategy, Insights and Partnerships Team. See contact details below.