The Housing Solutions Service

The Housing Solutions Service aims to prevent people from becoming homeless providing advice and assistance to help people find solutions to their housing problem. We can:

  • Help you keep your existing home
  • Help you explore your housing options
  • Give advice on the Councils statutory duties
  • Provide advice at an early stage
  • Refer to tenancy support services
  • Help to find accommodation in the private sector
  • provide information about other specialist agencies

We also process applications and allocate all properties within the borough

Here is a selection of available housing solutions:

Apply for Social Housing - Providing choice for Council housing applicants, wherever possible, while continuing to meet housing need.

Private Sales and Lettings Agents in Basildon Borough - Private landlords offer a wide range of accommodation. If you are on a low income you may be entitled to help with Benefits and/or Affordable Housing - Homebuy is a government-led initiative offering a range of schemes to help people onto the home ownership ladder when they would otherwise not be able to afford to purchase a home.

Basildon Choice - Mutual Exchange - Tenants can now access the Homeswapper Mutual Exchange Register online at anytime to search for a suitable property within the Basildon Borough.

Living in Sheltered Accommodation - Sheltered Housing offers older people the freedom of living independently with help close by should they require it.

Domestic Abuse - The Sanctuary Project - This scheme adapts the homes of victims of domestic abuse to accommodate physical security measures that help the family to feel safe.

Right to Buy - Depending on how long you have lived in council accommodation you may be eligible to purchase your council home through the Right to Buy scheme

Homefinder UK - Basildon's residents can also access Homefinder UK, a vehicle for residents to apply for social housing across the country. You don't need to be an existing social tenant and your landlord does not need to be a partner of the scheme.