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Evidence Base - Development Frameworks and Local Plan Viability

The following research and analytical studies consist the High Level Development Frameworks and Local Plan Viability Evidence base.

IMPORTANT CHANGE; From March 2012, changes to national planning policy replaced the term 'Local Development Framework' (LDF) with the term 'Local Plan'. Any historic references to the LDF in our documentation should be now considered as if they read 'Local Plan'

High Level Development Frameworks

pdf icon Basildon Council - East Basildon High Level Development Framework - Sept 2017 [14Mb]

pdf icon Basildon Council - Gardiners Lane High Level Development Framework - Oct 2017 [7Mb]

pdf icon Basildon Council - South West Billericay High Level Development Framework - July 2017 [10Mb]

Local Plan Viability

pdf icon Basildon Council - Local Plan and CIL Viability Update Study - Feb 2018 [4Mb]


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