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Health and Safety

The health and safety pages published here aim to provide businesses, employees and members of the public with information, guidance and advice on all aspects of health and safety at work in the Basildon Borough.

Whether you are the owner or an employee of a business, or a member of the public affected by a work activity in Basildon, you should know that the Basildon Council's Health and Safety team will:

  • carry out inspections and use a range of other contacts to investigate businesses in the Borough in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive's priority risk rating system to ensure that they meet certain standards.
  • carry out investigations into complaints relating to workplaces in the Basildon Borough.
  • carry out investigations of reportable occupational diseases, accidents and dangerous occurrences at work to discover their causes and take appropriate action in accordance with national selection criteria.
  • provide advice to employers and employees on health and safety issues (see also downloadable advice leaflets )
  • where there is a serious risk of personal injury as a result of activities in a workplace, ensure that such activities are prohibited.
  • maintain public registers of premises where there are cooling towers and where radioactive substances are kept.
  • enforce the restrictions on opening hours relating to Sunday trading.


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