Can you help during the during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak?

COVID-19 - Volunteering to help others during the outbreak

It's important we look out for our family, friends and neighbours, especially if they live alone, are elderly or have pre-existing health conditions.

You may be able to help without having face-to-face contact. You could:

  • pop a note through their door giving them your phone number, if they don't already have it
  • keep in touch by phone or social media
  • help them by doing their food shopping and leaving it on their doorstep
  • pointing them to trusted and reliable information, such as Basildon Council, the NHS Website , or the information from central Government at GOV.UK - Welcome to GOV.UK
  • encourage people to stay active at home where possible.

The following downloadable documents contain further guidance:

If you, or a friend or family member feels anxious or worried, there is some helpful information on the Mind website, please visit: MIND - For better mental health.

We are looking for people and businesses who will volunteer to provide this much needed help to vulnerable or self-isolating people in their local community.
Nominations for the Basildon Borough Volunteer Awards 2020 have now closed. Awards Ceremony to be held later on this year due to COVID-19.
Are you looking for the chance to grow your confidence and skills while helping those around you?