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Benefits - Supporting Documents Accepted by Basildon Council

In order for your Housing Benefit and/or Local Council Tax Support claims to be processed we require proof to support your application.

Requirements for Supporting Documents:

Preferred file formats for attachments uploaded onto our website to support claims and applications are as follows:

  • PDF Files (Portable Document Format (.pdf))
  • DOC Files(Word Processing Document) (.doc, .docx)
  • JPEG Files (Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpg,.jpeg,.jpe,.jif,.jfif,.jfi))

Using the preferred file type ensures we can access your attachments. If we are not able to open the file it will lead to unnecessary delays in processing your request. Please also ensure the attachments are readable and in an upright position. Following this guidance will ensure we are able to process your claim or application more effectively.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Proof Required

Documents Accepted

2 Forms of Proof of Identity

Passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, driving licence, medical card, utility bill showing current address or a UK residence permit

Proof of National Insurance Number

P45, P60, payslip, benefit entitlement letter or a National Insurance card

Proof of Rent

Tenancy agreement or letter from your landlord confirming your current rent

Proof of Income

5 weekly or 2 monthly pay slips

Self Employed Earnings

If you are self employed please complete a Self Employed Earnings Form

Child Benefit

Entitlement letter from HM Revenue and Customs or bank statement to show the amount of child benefit being paid

Working/Child Tax Credit

Entitlement letter from HM Revenue and Customs

Childcare Charges

Proof of childcare provider's OFSTED number and proof of childcare charges

Work/Private Pension

Payslip or latest award letter showing amount of pension received

Bank/Building Society Accounts

Last two months bank statements or updated building society passbook for all accounts that you hold

ISA's/ Bonds

Statement or certificate is required to show the value

Shares/National Savings Certificates

Evidence of the amount of shares held or book of national savings certificates


SECURITY NOTICE - How to safely answer SMS text messages we send

Basildon Council may send you a text message requesting further information to support your claim. The sender ID will always appear as BasildonCNL. You will never be asked to respond to the text with information.
Where possible we advise that all information is sent to us by using the following online form:

Online form: Benefits Contact Us Form