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Commercial Services - Primary Authority partnership advice on regulatory compliance for businesses

A Primary Authority partnership enables businesses to partner with us for reliable advice and guidance on how to achieve full compliance with Environmental Health regulations.

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Primary Authority partnerships can work well for businesses that:

  • would benefit from tailored advice
  • operate across a number of local authority areas
  • spend time and resource on their compliance activities
  • would benefit from having a single point of contact with a local authority

Primary Authority partnerships for food businesses

We are already proud to be engaged in a Primary Authority partnership with a national food business and we are more than ready to help more food businesses achieve full compliance with Environmental Health regulations.

A Primary Authority partnership will give your business access to professional regulatory advice and guidance, tailored to your specific business circumstances. This includes:

  • a dedicated officer who will be your single point of contact for regulatory advice and support
  • assured compliance advice that will be recognised by other regulators
  • support and guidance on food hygiene regulations
  • production and publication of an inspection plan (if relevant)
  • a review of your partnership agreement with us on a yearly basis
  • a quarterly invoice based on an agreed hourly rate for work done specifically on your behalf.

Other benefits a Primary Authority partnership will bring to your business

  • We will provide your business with reliable regulatory advice that is tailored to your business circumstances
  • Enforcing authorities should respect the advice we give when regulating your business
  • Primary Authority Advice is assured, which means that provided you abide by the advice you are given, you won't need to follow conflicting advice from other sources.
  • Your business should be protected against the risk of enforcement action from enforcing authorities that have different views to yours on what you should be doing to achieve compliance.
  • We can provide you with a risk based inspection plan that will govern the way your business is inspected by enforcing officers from any local authority.
  • An enforcing authority will have to notify us if it intends to take enforcement action against you.
  • We will act in order to block any such enforcement action if it conflicts with Primary Authority Advice you have been given by us. There are some limited exemptions from this requirement to notify us about proposed enforcement action, for example where urgent enforcement action is required.

Other areas of Environmental Health regulation a Primary Authority partnership can help with

Areas of Environmental Health regulation a Primary Authority partnership with Basildon Council can help businesses with include:

  • Licensing
  • Health and Safety
  • Food Safety

Contact us right away to find out more

For more information or to arrange a meeting to discuss setting up a Primary Authority partnership, do please contact us right away.

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