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Landlord Forums

Basildon Council organises and participates in a number of regular local Landlord Forums which offer advice and support to the borough's private landlords.

Landlord Forums provide an ideal opportunity for private landlords and anyone interested in letting a property in the borough to:

  • share their experiences
  • learn about the role Basildon Council can play in support of the private rented sector
  • hear guest speakers talk on a variety of relevant subjects with opportunities to ask questions and discuss issues affecting the borough's landlords

These forums also promote good practice by spreading awareness of landlord's legal obligations, increasing awareness of changes in legislation and allowing the Council to consult with landlords on new policies/ideas.

Forthcoming Landlord Forum meetings

National Residential Landlords Association & Basildon Borough Council Landlord Forum - 14 November 2023

The NRLA and Basildon Borough Council will together host a free private landlord forum on 14 November 2023. This will be an in person event at Barleylands Craft Village & Farm Park, Barleylands Road, Billericay, Essex CM11 2UD. 

The session will include discussions of the following topics to give practical advice and support to private landlords: 

  • ECO4, ECO Plus, LAD and HUG grants
  • Landlord legislation update
  • House in Multiple Occupation journey

Private landlords and interested parties are invited to attend this forum event.

To register to attend visit: Meeting Registration - NRLA & Basildon Council Landlord Forum - 14 November 2023 (opens new window)

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