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Planning Enforcement - Hovefields Avenue/Drive

Basildon Council is currently engaged in planning enforcement activity regarding several alleged breaches of planning regulations in the Hovefields Avenue / Drive area of Basildon.

The information published here is intended to provide residents and representatives with timely updates on planning enforcement activity in relation to the Hovefields Avenue / Drive area of Basildon. Our aim will be to post public updates within 24 hours (Mondays to Fridays).

Current ongoing enforcement activity

Basildon Council is doing, and will continue to do, all it can within current laws to tackle planning breaches, including serving various notices, directions and pursuing court action where appropriate.

Action is taken on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the specific location and planning history. Council officers will try to take action promptly to encourage compliance at an early stage.

It must be recognised that merely witnessing that further development works have occurred is not enough to commence contempt proceedings, particularly where landowners and occupiers have changed. For instance, new occupiers discovered on site have to be personally served with copies of an injunction for it to be effective against them. Basildon Council has to prove to the court who is responsible and identification evidence can be extremely difficult to gather in these circumstances.

Further information and enquiries

Interested parties are asked not to contact Basildon Council for further information on this matter, as such individual requests only divert resources away from other operational activities.

Residents' co-operation in this is much appreciated.

Report a breach of planning control

Most successful investigations into breaches of planning control result from information being passed on by members of the public. You can help our officers by reporting incidents of unauthorised development happening within Basildon Borough.

You can report a possible breach of planning control online, by email or in writing. See Report A Possible Breach Of Planning Control for details.