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The Housing Solutions Service

Our Housing Solutions service offers support and assistance if you are homeless or threatened with homelessness.

We will always be proactive in preventing your homelessness. There are a number of pathways in place for particular client groups.

Prison leavers

If you are about to be released from prison the probation service will liaise with us and will complete a referral on your behalf or pass on a form for you to complete. An appointment will then be arranged in which your housing options will be discussed with you.

Armed forces

If you are ex-armed forces and homeless you should self-refer via the above link for advice and assistance. You may also qualify for an additional backdate on our housing register regardless of local connection.

Care leavers

If you are a care leaver we will work jointly with Social Services to explore your housing options and give financial advice.

Domestic Violence

If you are fleeing domestic abuse we can provide legal advice around your rights to a property, help applying for legal orders, and refer you for further support. Ask to speak to the Domestic Abuse Coordinator at the South Essex Domestic Abuse Hub. For further information see:

Hospital Discharge

If you are about to be discharged from hospital but are facing homelessness then Peabody Floating Support based at Basildon Hospital will assess your circumstances and will work jointly with Basildon Council to provide advice and assistance. We can provide help regarding your rights to benefits and assistance making claims, grants for housing adaptations, and refer for further support. For further information see:

People suffering a mental illness or impairment

If you are currently under a mental health service and are about to become homeless we liaise directly with CMHT so that we can explore your housing options. We can provide you with advice around benefits and tenancy sustainment.

Private rented tenants

If you are facing homelessness due to being served a section 21 notice you may wish to complete an online self-referral. We can provide advice and assistance around tenants' rights and rights of occupation, help if you are experiencing harassment and/or threats of illegal eviction, protecting and retrieving rent deposits, and advice on debt and rent or mortgage arrears. For further information see:

Eviction from family or friends

If you are being evicted by family members or friends then you should complete an online self-referral to be made an appointment for our dedicated officer to carry out a home visit with you and the potential excluder. They will mediate and provide advice and assistance around remaining at home, finding accommodation and sustaining a tenancy in the private sector. For further information see: 

Single homelessness

Most single homeless people do not have a priority need; however, our dedicated Single Homelessness Advisors will still provide you with advice and assistance around preventing and relieving your homelessness. They will also explore sourcing accommodation in the private rented sector. You will need to complete an online self-referral to be booked you an appointment.