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Dropped Kerb

What is a dropped kerb?

A dropped kerb enables vehicles to cross the public pavement (footway) or verge to access a private driveway.

The dropped kerb access area remains part of the public highway and is maintained by the relevant authority. It is important to ensure the footway and/or verge has been strengthened as it protects not only the highway but also services under the ground from damage.

How do I apply for a dropped kerb?

Permission for all vehicle crossings in the Basildon Borough are handled by Essex County Council - Vehicle Crossings (opens new window).

Telephone: 0845 603 7631
Email to Essex County Council: Highways Notices 

You will additionally need to obtain permission from the land owner to carry out works to the footway and may need to obtain planning permission if the property is located on a classified road.

If the land is maintained by Essex Highways, you do not need to seek permission from Basildon Borough Council. 

Check Essex Highways mapping system to see if the road or footway is adopted (Maintained by Essex Highways).  The link to the online map is:Highways Information Map.

If the road shows as 'Not Maintained' then you should check with us to see if it is Council Owned and seek permission to carry out works to the footway.  This check needs to be requested in writing by emailing the Corporate Property Estates team.

Please include your full name and the property address details in all correspondence.

If you are a council tenant, you must first get landlord consent from Basildon Council to change the use of the property front.

Note: Basildon Council stock condition team will not grant landlord's permission for a drop kerb if there is no car hardstanding in the property.

If there is car hardstanding in the property, then you must request permission in writing by emailing the Stock Condition Team.

You must include all of the following in your email;

  • your full name and the property address
  • the dimension of your front garden to see if it meets the requirement for a car hardstanding. The minimum dimension is 4.8m in length from your house to the boundary and 2.8m in width from side to side of your boundary. You must also be able to park your car in a straight line backing the highways
  • a drawn layout and a photo of where the car hardstanding is going to be located
  • a specification for the car hardstanding before consent can be given. (It is important to note that concrete base Car Hardstanding may require Planning permission).

N.B. Council Tenants that live in a Conservation area will also need permission for car hardstanding from the Essex Conservation officer.

You must seek permission from the legal owner of the property before making any changes to the dwelling or land use.

If the property is located on an A, B or C (Classified) road, you will need to obtain planning permission to have a drop kerb.

  1. Check the road type that the property is located on: Basildon Borough - Road Classification List.
  2. If required, you can submit a request for planning permission online by visiting the governments Planning Portal website .