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Digital Strategy 2018-2021

Basildon Council's Digital Strategy outlines the plans to deliver digital transformation within the borough.

Latest Updates...

The Council now have a Digital Inclusion Policy that represents a Council wide response to the issue of digital isolation within the borough. The policy lists outcomes the Council will strive to deliver by supporting a number of initiatives. For more information on the policy, its development and approval please read the following news article: In the news: Councillors endorse new digital inclusion policy .

You can read our Digital Inclusion Policy by opening the following attachment:  Digital Inclusion Policy 2021 (PDF) [553KB] .

Digital Strategy 2018-2021 - Our Aims

The aim of the strategy is to deliver digital transformation and a change in culture, creating capability and capacity within the Council. This strategy is not just about computers, it is about the people who live and work in the borough.

The strategy will be Simpler, Smarter and Safer.

Simple to use, Smarter and more intuitive systems that provide greater access for our customers. Services will be hosted on a more secure network which ensures your personal data is safe, providing greater security against cyber crime.

Image of the Digital Transformation Strategy 2018

Projects in development include;

  • Establish an internal and external digital skills training programme
    • To deliver an internal digital skills training programme, with advanced levels of training included to create recognised digital champions across the Council who become ambassadors of the digital strategy.
    • Identify opportunities to make the programme available to residents.
    • Deliver an external training programme.
  • Utilise our assets and collaborate with current and future partners
    • To utilise the Council's assets to support learning opportunities for our residents through the use of facilities and events.
    • To work with the Council's current partners and establish future partners to use their facilities and events to create learning opportunities for our residents.
    • Establish opportunities to share technical resources with the Council's partners to create digital solutions in collaboration.
    • The programme of work will adopt its own brand enabling all our partners to work under one banner and one mission statement.
  • Utilise spatial data
    • Utilise our spatial data to expose data sets on the Council's website.
    • Empowering our Customers through creating a self serve opportunity.
  • Review and Revamp the Council's website
    • To deliver a new modern website that creates a personalised experience for our customers.
  • Establish improvement for residents with updates of their reports to the council
    • New online function to be created that enables residents to receive live updates of reports or services failures using their unique case reference.
  • To look at opportunities of developing a Council Application
    • To look at options to develop a Council service specific Application providing a completely personalised experience based on individuals requirements.
  • Create a Social Media Strategy
    • Create an internal social media strategy that incorporates identified best practices, with an aim to increase followers, likes and subscribers. 
    • A strategy that supports the Digital strategies outcomes, by providing further opportunities to interact with our customers.
  • Mobilise the workforce using digital solutions
    • To establish digital opportunities in which our workforce who work remotely (field agents) can generate business efficiencies and to increase service capacity.

Previous updates

Cyber Security Training Event
We want to thank everybody that was able to attend the 'Stay Safe Online' training event which took place on 12th September 2019 at Basildon Council and delivered in partnership with Essex Police. 

Key learning

Some key learning to share with everyone from the session that relates to both your home and work life...

  • The Take Five campaign.  A majority of scams are set up to encourage you to make a rash decision on the spot  and normally relate to you finances.  This Campaign encourages us all to take five before making that decision to stop you becoming a victim of fraud.  Their website contains a test for you to take if you think you are too smart to be scammed?
  • Has my email address been hacked?  If you want to know if any online services you have provided your email address to in the past has been hacked, resulting in a breach of information, then visit  Review the list of online services to see if these are current services you are receiving.  If so it is suggested that you change your password for these accounts ASAP.
  • Password Strength.  It is not the best idea to use a password such as "123456"! Look to use three random words as a password. A different password for every account you have online is also recommended. Most importantly if someone walks up to you in the middle of the street with a camera and microphone don't tell them your password

Thank you again to Essex Police for delivering the training.

As part of the Council's drive to promote opportunities for all our customers to acquire new digital skills, we want to promote the Government's new online learning platform called The Skills Toolkit. The new platform provides access to free courses relating to learning new digital skills, as well as courses on basic maths. These courses cater for all different levels of skill as there are courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of learning.


For more information on the Government's campaign click here.

The courses available to everyone via the toolkit are FREE online training opportunities that will allow you to learn at your own pace. Courses start with helping you access online services and extend to courses on learning how to write code to create your own computer programs.