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Complaints and compliments

Basildon Council is committed to listening to feedback from its customers - positive or negative - and learning from this feedback to continually improve our services to our customers. 

We know that things go wrong sometimes and that we don't always get it right first time.  We welcome reports of what went wrong and feedback on our services so that we can resolve the issue for you now, and get it right, first time, more often in the future.

For ease of informing us, we have provided some direct links to forms to let us know about the issue you may be experiencing. If the issue you are reporting is not listed, please see the below boxes for further ways to tell us what went well or what went wrong.


Have you had a positive experience with a service, contractor or officer and would like to share that experience with us?

Are you dissatisfied about the standard of service, action or lack of action taken by the Council, one of our contractors or an officer?

Do you want to register a complaint alleging a breach of the Code of Conduct by a Borough Councillor or a Town, Village or Parish Councillor?

The Housing Ombudsmen published a new Complaint Handling Code in July 2020, setting out good practice that will allow landlords to respond to complaints effectively and fairly.  Part of the new code encourages landlords to complete and publish a self-assessment form by the 1St January 2021.  Publishing the self-assessment should enable residents to see how their landlord is doing and any actions that are being taken as a result.

The new Code will act as a guide for residents setting out what they can and should expect from their landlord when they complain. The requirements in the Code also provide residents with information about how to make a complaint and how to progress it through the landlord's internal complaints procedure.

See the form here:   Complaint Handling Code self assessment form PDF Document - Basildon Borough Council (PDF) [205KB]