40 years experience and 1500 customers. Competitively priced and fully licensed with a modern fleet of waste disposal vehicles supported by a local depot.

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Professional commercial waste disposal dedicated to customer needs

  • Over 40 years experience
  • Highly efficient and competitively priced
  • Payment accepted annually or by monthly instalment
  • Fully licensed for the disposal of business and trade waste.
  • Modern fleet of waste disposal vehicles supported by a local depot
  • Regular collection times (monthly, weekly and daily up to 6 days a week)
  • Adjust your agreed service level at any time with a simple phone call
  • Glass recycling collections for trade and business customers
  • Waste disposal for large one-off events; fairs and festivals etc.
  • Special service for smaller businesses ( Pre-purchased orange sacks).

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Our fully professional trade waste disposal service is dedicated to serving the needs of the customer. It's on offer at a very competitive price and you can pay annually or in instalments.

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IMPORTANT: information for property developers

Property Developers need to allow proper site access for waste disposal services. If you are a contractor working an a property development, you must ensure access for refuse and recycling services. For details of container, vehicle access and other requirements see:

Clinical and hazardous waste disposal

Our commercial waste disposal operations DO NOT cater for the disposal of clinical and hazardous waste.

For information on how to safely dispose of clinical and hazardous waste see, Book Clinical and hazardous waste disposal.

IMPORTANT: Disposing of asbestos

PLEASE NOTE: Essex County Council recycling centres cannot accept asbestos or hazardous waste of any description. However, you can make a request for bonded asbestos (asbestos cement) to be collected and disposed of by Essex County Council. They will provide a subsidy on collection costs per household per financial year, which will be deducted from your bill before payment if you qualify for the subsidy. To request a collection please visit www.loveessex.org/disposing-of-asbestos.