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We're Cleaning Up

This year's 'We're Cleaning Up' Campaign is centred on taking pride in the natural beauty of the borough's parks and open spaces by reducing the amount of littering.

We-re Cleaning Up campaign poster -  Don't be a tosser - We're cleaning up campaign 2020 - Basildon Borough Council

What happened during lockdown?

During lockdown, two million square metres of open space was kept open. Since coming out of of lockdown, our parks are being used more than ever. This is great but the high levels of littering and dumping that we've seen is not.

From 15 June - 20 July, we collected a huge 15.11 tonnes of litter from parks across the borough!

The We're Cleaning Up campaign aims to educate and encourage individuals and groups to take responsibility and play a part in keeping our parks clean and tidy.

How will We're Cleaning Up help?

Last year, we ran We're Cleaning Up, to huge success! This year, we're bringing the campaign back with a few changes, aiming to:

  • reduce levels of dumped waste and litter
  • make those who enjoy our parks understand exactly what littering and flytipping is. For example, do you know placing rubbish next to a bin that is full is littering and could incur a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN)?
  • promote positive action amongst those who use our parks and open spaces
  • raise awareness of enforcement action that can be taken against litterbugs and flytippers.

We're cleaning up is underway! 
Installing park signage - We're Cleaning Up 2020 - Basildon Borough Council

Recently, we have installed some bold new signage in parks across the borough.  By installing these signs, we hope to encourage park users to take responsibility for their rubbish. 

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