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In the news: Basildon Council introduces new model for decision-making

Councillors have agreed to replace the Committee system of governance for Basildon Council with a Leader and Cabinet model at a meeting of Full Council on Thursday 26 May 2022.

Councillors initially proposed the change at a meeting of Full Council on 22 July 2021 and were able to make the final resolution at last night's meeting.

The Leader and Cabinet form of governance will see the introduction of a Cabinet - a group of nine councillors who collectively be responsible for the majority of the council's functions with each  Cabinet Member being responsible and accountable for a portfolio of council activity and specific services.

A list of these nine Cabinet Members and their respective portfolios can be found below.

Under the Leader and Cabinet model, committees will continue to cover the council's non-executive functions, including planning applications, licensing arrangements as well scrutiny of the Cabinet.

These committees and their respective Chairs are listed below.

At Thursday's meeting, councillors also agreed the appointment of the Leader of the Council who has subsequently appointed a Deputy Leader, as well as Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Basildon. Finally, appointments for Youth Mayor and Deputy Youth Mayor were also agreed.


Leader of Basildon Council - Cllr Andrew Baggott
Deputy Leader of Basildon Council - Cllr Kevin Blake

Mayor of Basildon - Cllr Luke Mackenzie
Deputy Mayor of Basildon - Cllr Yetunde Adeshile

Youth Mayor of Basildon - Charlotte Hedley-Barnes
Deputy Youth Mayor of Basildon - Aimee Hedley-Barnes



Cllr Andrew Baggott, Cabinet Member for Enforcement and Public Order

Cllr Kevin Blake, Cabinet Member for Environment and Carbon Reduction

Cllr Anthony Hedley, Cabinet Member for Economic Growth and Business Engagement

Cllr Jeff Henry, Cabinet Member for Health, Wellbeing, Leisure, Arts and Culture

Cllr Richard Moore, Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Infrastructure

Cllr Craig Rimmer, Cabinet Member for Regeneration

Cllr Terri Sargent, Cabinet Member for Communities

Cllr Andrew Schrader, Cabinet Member for Housing and Estate Renewal

Cllr Stuart Sullivan, Cabinet Member for Resources and Commercial



Planning Committee
Chair: Cllr Carole Morris
Vice Chair: Cllr David Dadds

Licensing Committee
Chair: Cllr Daniel Lawrence
Vice Chair: Cllr Davida Ademuyiwa

Audit and Risk Committee
Chair: Cllr Gary Canham
Vice Chair: Cllr Stuart Allen

Joint Standards Committee
Chair: Cllr David Dadds
Vice Chair: to be appointed at first meeting

Staffing and General Purposes Committee
Chair: Cllr David Dadds
Vice Chair: Cllr Andrew Baggott



Overview and Scrutiny Commission
Chair: Cllr Kevin Wingfield
Vice Chair: Cllr David Dadds

People Scrutiny Committee
Chair: Cllr Stuart Terson
Vice Chair: Cllr Alex Myers

Place Scrutiny Committee
Chair: Cllr Don Morris
Vice Chair: Cllr Sam Gascoyne

Prosperity Scrutiny Committee
Chair: Cllr Peter Holliman
Vice Chair: Cllr George Jeffery



Published on Friday 27 May 2022