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Our Wat Tyler Education site is currently under construction

If you were trying to access , this site is currently under construction. It will be re-launched in the coming weeks.

Countryside Service

Basildon Council's Countryside Services department is responsible for the protection, enhancement and management of twelve sites spread across the district and covering around 620 acres.

Sites range from open access areas such as Mill Meadows in Billericay, to nature reserves and country parks containing visitor and education facilities, like Norsey Wood, Wat Tyler County Park and the Wick Country Park.

The facilities we provide contribute to the physical and mental health and well being of local residents, and benefit the quality of life generally across the district.

They also provide valuable habitat for the rich diversity of wildlife that can still be found in our countryside and urban areas.

Contact us

Countryside Services

Phone 01268 533333


Countryside Services are committed to:

  • Protect and enhance Basildon's biodiversity
  • Provide country parks and nature reserves for wildlife, amenity and recreation.
  • Work with the local community to ensure management best practice across all Countryside areas.
  • Create easy access to Countryside areas for all visitors, whatever their physical mobility.
  • Develop a full programme of environmental education, with formal and informal tuition and regular events.
  • Promote environmental sustainability through management, education and partnerships.
  • Reduce litter at all Countryside sites.