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Honorary Alderman

By Section 249 of the Local Government Act 1972, a Borough may appoint Honorary Aldermen.

Basildon Council was awarded Borough status in July 2010 and received the Charter confirming it on 26 October 2010. 

The title of Honorary Alderman is a high honour which will only be awarded in exceptional circumstances to former Councillors who have rendered eminent services to the Council, having made an outstanding contribution to the activities of the Council.

In order to have achieved the required level of distinction, prospective Aldermen will usually have served at least 12 years as a Councillor before being considered for appointment as an Honorary Alderman.

No serving Councillor may be considered for appointment as an Honorary Alderman. If an Alderman is subsequently re-elected onto the Council, they may not be addressed as Alderman or benefit from any privileges that Aldermen may be entitled to, until they once more cease to be a Councillor.

The first person to receive the title of 'Honorary Alderman of the Borough' was former Councillor Mr. Geoffrey Buckenham in October 2011.

List of appointments as Honorary Alderman of the Borough
RecipientDate awarded
Ms Mo Larkin BEM JPOctober 2015
Mr Nigel SmithOctober 2015
Mr Geoffrey Buckenham   October 2011


The names of Honorary Aldermen will be displayed on boards at the Council Offices. Honorary Aldermen may attend and take part in such civic receptions and functions to which all Members of the Council are invited. However, Aldermen shall not have the right, as such, to attend meetings of the Council or a Committee, or to receive any such allowances or payments to which Councillors are entitled.


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