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Parking and restrictions

Council Estates Parking

All parking areas on Council Estates are for communal parking. Spaces are available on a first come first served basis.



Tenants should not park any vehicle on the gardens of their property without prior approval. Permission will only be given if a vehicle crossover is obtained and the appropriate hard standing installed.


Pavements are for pedestrians. If pavements are not clear pedestrians may be forced to use the road. This can be very dangerous and may lead to serious accidents.

It is important to keep footpaths clear for everyone including wheelchair users, children on push chairs, the partially sighted and people with children.

Cars parked on the pavement can block peoples paths and damage curbs, grass verges and pavements. This can cause pedestrians to trip.

Caravans, Boats and Commercial Vehicles

Owners of caravans, boats on trailers or commercial vehicles are encouraged to use appropriate areas such as caravan storage parks or alternatively apply for a parking bay or Council Garage Lettings for which a weekly charge is applicable.

If there is designated parking available, then all vehicles must be parked within the marked area allocated to your property.

Vehicles parked in areas other than those specified may cause an obstruction or restrict access for emergency service vehicles. Just keep in mind, one day it may be your family or your home that require the assistance of the ambulance service, fire brigade, or police.

By not parking on the greens or grass verges outside your home, or undertaking major car repairs will help keep your area looking good.