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Report housing fraud and unauthorised occupants

The social housing shortage in the borough means that we must make best use of our hosing stock. People on our waiting list will have to wait longer than necessary if homes continue to be unlawfully occupied. Offences can result in a criminal record and a prison sentence.

Squatters and unauthorised occupants

Empty council properties are usually undergoing works in preparation for new tenants. If you suspect squatters or unknown occupants in a council property that you think should be vacant, please let us know.

Do it Online - Report squatters and unauthorised occupants
Do it Online - Report squatters and unauthorised occupants

Housing fraud

Types of housing fraud:

Image promoting the Tackling Housing Fraud Campaign 2017

  • Subletting - this is when a tenant leaves their property and allows another person to move in, often paying rent to the original tenant far above what the council would charge
  • Abandonment - when a tenant leaves their property without telling us, for example when a person moves in with a new partner but keeps their council tenancy as a safety net or simply for as place to store their belongings
  • Fraudulent applications for social housing, right-to-buy, mutual exchanges, assignments of tenancies - sometimes people manage to obtain a council property by giving false information when making their application. Mutual exchanges and assignments must be approved by the landlord if the tenants have not requested their landlord's permission it may be because they do not wish them to know about their circumstances
  • Retaining a property after a tenant dies - this is where someone tries to succeed a tenancy after the tenant's death when they are not eligible.  This usually involves claiming to have lived with the deceased tenant before their death, when in fact they have lived elsewhere.

If you suspect someone has committed housing fraud please let us know.

You do not have to give your name or reveal any details about yourself. All information you do give us will be treated in the strictest of confidence.