• all service and office properties occupied or controlled by user bodies, both freehold and leasehold
  • any properties occupied or run under Private Finance Initiative contracts
  • all other properties they own or use, for example, hostels, laboratories, investment properties and depots
  • garages unless rented as part of a housing tenancy agreement
  • surplus, sublet or vacant properties
  • undeveloped land
  • serviced or temporary offices where contractual or actual occupation exceeds three months, and
  • all future commitments, for example under an agreement for lease, from when the contractual commitment is made.

Downloadable spreadsheet

GIS Data

For users with access to a GIS system the following downloadable archive file in ".zip" format contains all the information needed to plot the data on a GIS map.

Essex Land and Property Map (ELPM)

Essex Land and Property Map (ELPM) enables members of the Essex Property Group to share spatial data online about their local authority property assets. To find out more and to view the EPLM interactive map see:...