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Mayor - Invitations to events

The Mayor welcomes invitations to attend official events held by local organisations.

Invitations requesting the mayor attend an official event can be sent to the Mayor's Office by either of the following methods

If you wish to invite the mayor to an event, please try to give as much notice as possible and include any relevant information such as the event programme, agenda, history etc.

Due to demand it may not be possible for the mayor to attend every event to which he is invited. Confirmation will be given if the Mayor is available to attend your event.


  1. The mayor is the First Citizen of the Borough and represents the Borough as host to civic visitors from other towns and countries. 
  2. Unless the Queen's representative, the Lord Lieutenant, is present the mayor will take precedence within the Borough over all other civic representatives.

If you would like more information regarding protocols, please contact the mayor's secretary. See contact details bottom of page.

How to address the mayor

  1. When at an event the mayor should be addressed as 'Mister / Madame Mayor'.
  2. The mayor should be introduced to others as 'The Mayor of Basildon, Councillor David Dadds'.
  3. When it is intended for the Mayor to erect a plaque to mark an occasion, please liaise with the Mayor's Office for advice concerning the wording to be used. See contact details bottom of page.
  4. The Deputy Mayor should be addressed as 'Deputy Mayor'.

Guidance notes for mayoral visits

  1. Please ensure the mayor is not kept waiting unnecessarily before the start of the function.
  2. A space for the mayor's car should be made available as near to the entrance of the premises as possible.
  3. The receiving officer should be at the entrance in sufficient time to greet the mayoral party on arrival.
  4. The mayor's party should be greeted in order of precedence and then escorted to the function.
  5. The receiving officer should introduce the mayor (and escort) to the appropriate persons and arrange for the mayor's party to be escorted at all times.
  6. When the function ends, the mayor's party should be escorted to the mayor's car.
  7. The mayor welcomes the opportunity to have an official duty to perform at engagements e.g. to make a short speech, cut a ribbon or present certificates. If the mayor has accepted an invitation to make a speech, please ensure all relevant information is supplied in advance. Please do not ask the mayor to speak without prior notice.

Further information and enquiries

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