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Work experience at Basildon Council

Basildon Council is committed to a policy of "opportunities for all" and offers a range of unpaid work experience programmes to help people without previous employment experience gain an insight into the world of work and the services provided by Basildon Council.

Recruitment and hiring during CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)
Thank you for your interest in working with Basildon Council. If you have applied for a role, or are applying for a role, you may experience a significant delay in the recruitment process due to current circumstances. Shortlisting may take up to, and in excess of, 12 weeks. We apologise for that, but please be assured that we do not want to lose you as a candidate.

We hope that you can be patient with us. If you have recently been accepted to a role but have yet to start work, please email for an update.

A typical work experience placement will see the trainee shadowing a  Council employee to learn what their role involves, followed by an opportunity to put some of that learning into practice. Where possible this can include more than one job role.

Work experience placements normally last for 2 weeks.

At present we do not offer work experience to people who are not in full-time education or training.

Please note:

  • All work experience placements are unpaid and do not guarantee that a job will be offered after the 20 day period.

To apply for a work experience placement

Download and print a Work Experience Application Form which should be completed and returned to Basildon Council, see address details below.

Downloadable Icon for pdf Work experience application form [201.47KB]

Work experience for school pupils

Work placements for school pupils are frequently arranged by their school careers office. If this is not the case then school pupils are welcome to apply for themselves by completing a work experience application form.

Work experience for college and university students

We welcome applications for work experience from college and university students and can offer placements up to 20 working days.

If you are a college and university student interested in a work placement then please complete a work experience application form.

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