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Licence - Street Trading

Street Trading is defined as the selling or offering for sale of any article in the street. This includes food such as burgers, kebabs, doughnuts etc. or other things such as household items.

At present Basildon Council has not yet designated any streets in which street trading is prohibited or where a licence or consent from the Council is required.

This does not mean that anyone is free to carry out street trading wherever they choose as:

  • You will need a Street Pedlar licence issued by the local police
  • You will need the permission from the landlord / landowner on whose land you wish to trade.

If you want permission to enter Basildon Town Centre and St Martin's Square for the purposes of holding an event or promotion or to have vehicular access then you must submit an application to:

Basildon Town Centre Management Ltd
9 Eastgate Business Centre
SS14 1EB

Phone: 01268 530697