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Planning - Tree preservation orders

If a protected tree is damaged or destroyed without permission, the owner or the person that has undertaken the work may be prosecuted and fined up to £20,000 and instructed to provide a replacement.

Trees can be a valued addition to any natural or man-made environment. Foremost, they help to improve the visual amenity of both the countryside in its natural setting and the built environment through urban landscaping and featured planting.

They also provide natural shelter and wildlife habitats; release oxygen into the atmosphere and can act to a degree as pollution filters.

Tree Preservation Orders

Basildon Borough Council has the power to protect trees with amenity value by granting a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

These can be issued to individual trees, groups of trees, woodlands and trees planted as part of a planning condition.

If a tree has been awarded a TPO it cannot be cut down, uprooted, topped or lopped, wilfully damaged or destroyed (including root damage) without the Council's prior permission.

How can I find out if a tree is protected?

Basildon Borough Council keeps a record of all trees protected by a Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) you can find out if a tree is protected from the list below;

This list contains TPO's from 2002 onwards if you have a query about a date prior to this, or are unsure then please contact Planning Services.

Undertaking work to a protected tree

If you wish to carry out work to a tree in the Borough that is covered by a TPO you MUST first apply to the Council for its permission.

After the submission of your application an officer will be assigned to deal with your case.

A decision on your application could take up to 8 weeks to determine.

If once the Council's decision is made you disagree with it you then have the right to appeal.

Applications to undertake work to a protected tree

Your application, together with a description of the proposed works cannot be vague, before submitting an application we strongly recommend that you read the Planning Portal's guidance notes on how to complete your application for works to a protected tree (opens new window).

Online applications

To apply online to undertake works to a protected tree, visit Planning Portal Applications (opens new window) .

Application Forms 

Downloadable: Tree Preservation Order application form (PDF) [485KB] (opens new window)

You will need to fill in 3 copies of the Tree Preservation Order application form and include a location plan with the position of the tree in relation to its surroundings. Alternatively, you can contact Planning Services and have the application forms sent to you.

Completed application forms must then be submitted, along with the location plan to:

Planning Services
The Basildon Centre,
St Martins Square,
SS14 1DL

Telephone: 01268 533333