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Starting Work

Once you have submitted a Building Notice or Full Plans, work can start on site 48 hours after notice has been given to the local authority of your intention to commence building.

Do remember that you must tell Building Control when the Site Inspections and Notifications are reached, so that a surveyor can inspect the works as they go along.

Our surveyors will visit the site to inspect the various stages of your works.

If in any doubt please telephone to Building Control - Notifications and Site Inspections.

If you Contact Building Control before 10:30 during Monday to Friday we will call out the same day.

If we do not see all the necessary parts of the project you may not get your completion certificate

Time Limits.

If the work has not commenced within three years of the deposit of the plans, the Council may, by notice under Section 32 of the Building Act 1984, declare the plans to be of no effect.

If you still wish to proceed with this work a new application will have to be submitted. This application will have to be to the standards applicable at the time of deposition and will require a further fee.