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Taxi Fares and Charges

Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Vehicle Fares and Charges have remained the same since April, 2016.

Private hire vehicles are exempt from statutory charging and do not by law have to carry a fare charging meter.  They are free to charge a similar amount for a journey as would be charged by a Hackney Carriage (Taxi).

However, the majority of Private Hire Vehicles in the Basildon Borough are actually equipped with fare charging meters and their charges are similar to Hackney Carriage charges.

If you drive a hackney carriage Basildon Council regulate the fare you can charge your customers. Please see Icon for pdf Basildon Council - Authorised Fares for Hackney Carriage - 1st September 2017 [170.68KB] for information regarding the current fares.

If you drive a private hire vehicle, we do not regulate the fare you can charge your customers.

The fare should be agreed between the operator and the customer when the customer makes the booking.

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