There are a number of regulations and guidelines governing vehicle crossings, which means that in most cases only approved contractors may construct the crossing.

If you do build the crossing yourself without permission then you would be committing a number of offences and may have to pay for its removal.

Please note: by law you must have a proper vehicle crossing to cross a footway or verge with a vehicle.

What is a vehicle crossing?

A vehicle crossing is a place where kerbs have been lowered to make a driveway but more importantly the footway and/or verge has been strengthened.

Strengthening is very important as it protects not only the highway but also protects services under the ground from damage.

How do I apply for a crossing?

Permission for all vehicle crossings in the Basildon Borough are handled by  Essex County Council - Vehicle Crossings   

Telephone: 0845 603 7631

Email to Essex County Council: Highways Notices